Jackie Moon is the DON (Director of Nursing) of a skilled nursing facility in Glendale, Arizona. She told me about a workshop she attended where they said “blue” and some “greens” are soothing colors. They are especially calming for persons living with dementia to hold as an object of comfort. After talking about some of the residents at the facility who could use some calming, “something blue” became the idea for a small pillow to hold and cradle.

As luck would have it, I work with a small children’s choir and we have made soft felt pillows for charity. VOILA! We made small blue and green fleece pillows for the facility. The pillows are a pleasing sensation, the facility uses them regularly and often runs out. Thank goodness they are very easy to make, and the kids are always willing to make more.

Take a look at our photo of Jacki Moon (far right) and Dana Pell (Assistant Director of Nursing) with the pillows. If you can’t tell by the photo how easy they are to make, contact us… well get you started!

Susan Kohler, MS, CCC-SLP
Dementia Care Specialist
Co-founder, Connected Hearts, LLC